maurice owens

designer. director. technician.

the designer

I've always been attracted to great visuals. The composition and texture and relatability of art is my passion. I've designed and created posters, logos, flyers and marketing collateral for print. For digital, my focus is on usability (UX), Visual, and interface (UI) design.


  • Adobe CC
  • Quark
  • InVision
  • Axure

the director

From the beginning of my career, I've been a curator of sorts. Gathering both talent and resources to complete creative and technical tasks. Over the past three years I have focused my creative direction on photography. I've been the location scout, organized and directed makeup artists, and setup both still and model shoots while directing talent to get the right shot.

the technician

Yep, I'm the unicorn. Not as rare as I used to be as so many designers are learning to code but I'm still a unique and valuable asset. Through my 20+ years in this business, I have honed the ability to understand both the creative and the technical. I am adept at gathering requirements and translating those requirements into workable, efficient, and beautifully presented technology. My inquisitive nature compels me to understand difficult ideas allowing me to make informed decisions and relate those decisions to creative and technical stakeholders.

  • Dealer Tire
  • M.Dayton Photography
  • Casting Networks
  • Modasphere


  • HTML
  • Angular
  • GIT
  • Jira

The Man

Welp ... that about says it. I'm located in the Washington D.C. Metro area (DMV) and if what you've seen here piques your interest, please send me a note or visit my online personas to learn more.